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All About Modify Watches

Get Excited

  • 2 Sizes
  • Water-resistant (3ATM, so you can go swimming!)
  • 1,000+ Combinations
  • Interchangeable faces, straps and sliders
  • Branded products from Deadmau5 to Tetris
  • It slices, it dices...

Mix-and-Match to Show Your Colors

As you build your collection, each new face and strap allow you to show your colors in new (and awesome) ways.

The Best in the Business

Around since 2010, we're the (cool) grandpa of interchangeable watches. With our proprietary molds you know that if it's not branded "Modify", it isn't incredibly dope.

Movie References Are Hi-larious

We originally launched with 25 combinations and named them all. For example, "The Bar Fight" was the black-and-blue. Our fans have taken over. What's your favorite?

Go Ahead, Jump in the Pool

Modify's proprietary design is water-resistant to 3ATM. Go for a swim or take a shower in style. We don't recommend deep-sea abalone diving. We're more slip-'n-slide folks.

Making an Impact

We like to help our community, but are conscious of doing it in a meaningful way. Every month we donate all of our proceeds from the sale of the Together watch to a non-profit our fans select. Learn more here.

Custom Mods for Your Team and Fans

We've done custom work for some pre-tty big brands and would love to design unique Modify Watches for you too. Email custom@modifywatches.com. We're a very happy member of ASI (#71962)!

Something for Every Man, Woman and Child

Seriously. We have a *lot* of combinations. Your favorite team's colors. Underground (read: nerdy) designs like Domo and Tetris. And of course dope artists like Martin Hsu. With Modify, you can tell your story. Get excited.

What are Modify Watches?

Modify Watches are super-dope, interchangeable watches. You can mix-and-match faces and straps to create the "Mod" that allows you to make your statement, whether (quiet) or LOUD.

We have a thriving Facebook community. Our ModiFamily does not just "like" us; they engage and tell us what designs to produce next. We won't stop creating Modify Watches until you complete your collection. Even if that means you really want a green/purple/orange watch. Which might be the only objectively ugly color combination.

Holler at us:

Aaron Schwartz, Director of Player Personnel

How We Started

Aaron Schwartz and Gary Coover showing off the first generation of Modify Watches

Two of us began talking about watches waaaay back in April, 2010 and finally launched 3 months later after an incredibly difficult and daring journey. We were The Swap Watch. Now a big team expansion and 1,000 watch names later, we're known as Modify Industries, Inc. But you can call us Modify Watches. Or Modify. Or Shirley!

We have two core principles that impact everything we do:

  1. We do not want your purchase to be another transaction, we want it to be the start of a relationship. We expect you to tell us what to do better, and you should expect an awesome product with even better service
  2. We're pretty good at watch design; but we are even better at listening. Fans told us to make the watch water-resistant and to add a second size - so we did. If you check out our Facebook page you’ll quickly learn that they’ve told us every design to create as well.

Wowsa, you can make 18 Mods!
Add another face and you will be able to make 24!

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