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It's All About the ModiFamily

Abby and Christine From: Wabash, IN
Fav Mod: Thriller
Fav Movie: Jaw, Halloween and Toy Story all tie for #1, Mary Poppins & Sound of Music
Theresa From: All over, currently Northern VA
Fav Mod: Thriller
Fav Movie: Searching for Bobby Fischer
ClayVon From: Stoneville, NC
Fav Mod: Thriller
Fav Movie: Life

5 Reasons to Join the ModiFamily
  • You're tall/short, dame/dude, big/small, read/hoop, eat sugar/quinoa, prefer Brahms/Weezy (read: You're dope).
  • Sneak previews and deals on our new swag.
  • We design what the community asks for.
  • You have mad style.
  • You also booked opening night tickets to the hit movie Taken 2.
Photos From the Modify Team
Via our instagram feed @ModifyWatches.

Wowsa, you can make 18 Mods!
Add another face and you will be able to make 24!

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